The prayer labyrinth at our church was constructed by the Utopia Boy Scout Troup as part of an Eagle Scout project for Boy Scout Eric Martinez.  This labyrinth lies nestled among the oak trees just north of the sanctuary.

 A very ancient tool, the labyrinth has been around for over 3500 years assisting in meditation and prayer.  Many confuse labyrinths with mazes.  However, there is a marked difference.  The maze is like a puzzle for the analytical mind to solve, while the labyrinth asks only to be walked, with one decision involved, whether or not to take this walk.

 The way into the labyrinth is the way out, into its center and back out again.  It has a rhythm, the same as does our life journey.  The walk represents a journey into the very center of who we are and then back out into the world with an expanded experience of ourselves.

 The labyrinth can be used in numerous ways.  Many people pose a question before entering the labyrinth and take that question into the center of the labyrinth.  The answer unfolds on the walk out of the center.  Some experience healing in their labyrinth walk, and others use the labyrinth to connect worldwide in sacred celebration, such as at Christmas or World Peace Day.  Sometimes people walk the labyrinth just to be in quiet sacred space for a time of meditation, prayer, or gratitude