Seven Days in Utopia: The Movie

Seven Days in Utopia

When the making of the movie "Seven Days in Utopia" came to town in August of 2010, the congregation of the Utopia United Methodist Church was delighted to be included in the filming.  We gathered early in the morning on an exceptionally hot day, choir in their robes and members and friends in their finest Easter regalia, for our chance to show off our beautiful church to the world.
Things moved slowly throughout the day as scenes were filmed and re-filmed.  We had our places - some walking outside, some inside sitting in the pews, some to one side talking, and the choir robed and ready to sing at a moment's notice.
At the end of the 10 hour day, we all knew a lot more about what it takes to be a movie star.  We anxiously awaited the release of the movie so we could see how we looked on the big screen.  However,the 10 hours of filming turned into a very short, but beautiful segment that depicted our church in a very positive light and has since enticed many visitors from all over the United States to visit and sign the guest book.